Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Here’s Nine Green Things I Love!

What better way to appreciate a day of wearing green than to celebrate things that are green?
It was hard to narrow down the list, but here are nine green things that I find especially cool:

1) Portrait of Boris Karloff as Frankenstein’s Monster, by Basil Gogos.
The Monster is my favorite of the “classic” monsters. I find the original movie so heartbreaking. Basil Gogos was an American illustrator best known for his portraits of movie monsters which appeared on the covers of Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine, and painted these characters in an amazing array of color, light and shadow.




2) Droop from The Muppet Show. I always noticed little Droop in the background of sketches in The Muppet Show when I was a kid. He finally got to shine while talking with Ben Vereen, however.



3) Warlock, John Blackstar’s dragon mount from the Saturday morning cartoon Blackstar.
John Blackstar was an astronaut from Earth(what future era of Earth is unknown). After being swept in his spacecraft through a black hole that took him to an ancient alien universe, he became stranded on the planet Sagar. He joined the inhabitants’ fight for freedom against a cruel villain called The Overlord, and his mode of transport was this magnificent dragon steed, Warlock. Warlock came out as a toy along with other members of the cast, and I got one for Christmas. Sadly, it has since been sold but I hope to find another.


4) Oola the Twi’lek, from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi
Played by the beautiful Femi Taylor, Oola met a gruesome fate with the Rancor, but Femi herself travels to Star Wars and sci fi conventions around the world.



5) Elliott the Dragon from Disney’s 1977 movie Pete’s Dragon.
I saw this film in the theater as a child,and found myself wanting to see more of simply Elliott without the rest of the cast. That Elliott seems to be a guardian spirit who watches over children made me think that if I were ever in trouble, perhaps Elliott would be there. He was also the grand, featured float in the Walt Disney World Main Street Electrical Parade, which I used to see when I traveled there annually with my late grandparents. As a result, he still holds a special place in my heart.



6) One of four green Deusenberg guitars played by lead guitarist Mike Campbell  live on the 40th Anniversary Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Tour. All four of these guitars were signed by Tom and the band and auctioned off for a great charity called Tazzy Animal Rescue Fund.

Mike and his wife Marcie are very much into animal rescue, and through the Tazzy Fund supply the funds for pets needing emergency surgeries that their owners simply cannot afford, rescuing and training dogs to be companions for veterans, and for free spay/neuter clinics in low-income areas around California.


7) Terror Dog from Ghostbusters
I never understood that these were called “terror dogs”, or that they even had names,or what they were even for, until the internet, and meeting new friends that enjoyed costuming as Ghostbusters.
Once I paid better attention to the film, which I has always liked, I understood that the Terror Dogs  needed to possess two inhabitants of their world they were invading to open the gateway. I think.


Lil Rex.jpg

8) Lil’ Rex, a treasured toy gift from my husband.
When a new, small thrift store opened up in our town, Steve went on his own and checked it out one day, and came back with this little guy. He had cost a quarter, and we instantly christened him Lil’ Rex. He has been on many vacations with us, and wears a small studded collar that is actually a bracelet. Now, he sits on my desk with other special toy gifts.


9) My bird, Mikey!
Mikey, my Dusky Head Conure, is named after the kid Mikey in the old Life cereal commercials, because she used to always throw every bit of her food out of her bowl until she found just that one piece she liked. She hated everything! She is a such a brat! But I love her dearly and she is the only pet I have had since high school. I am 46, and she is 28.

Thank you for reading about my favorite green stuff this year!



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