What I Do Every Day.

This post is meant for a couple of people in particular, so if you are reading this after visiting my site regularly, that’s okay, just remember that it isn’t a “regular” WeirdCrest post.  But this post is to explain my animal care operations, and why  can’t travel, keep regular job hours, and..well, why money is always so tight!

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So I made myself an Easter basket..

I am one of those eternal, materialistic children that still loves getting an Easter basket. My mother used to put together the most amazing, fun little Easter baskets that it was like having a second Christmas. There was nothing big or stupendous or expensive, but she has always had a keen sense of fun and would put the most nifty items in the ones I received all my life.

So, I made a little Target and Five Below trip and assembled a few things I love, and only one thing was over four dollars(the basket). Let’s take a look! (click on the pics for descriptions)