First Ink.

So I got a tattoo last week, on Friday the 13th. I LOVES IT.

Fri 13 just got it.jpg

I had been waiting for, and found, one of those $13 Flash Tattoo sales, and I am commemorating the best damned Friday the 13th ever. Why?

1) I have my sweet husband and home back to myself.I won’t lie—having my mother-in-law staying with us has been hard. But there is of course family who may see this post, so I don’t need to get into it. I will just say that she is staying with other relatives for the time being so that we can have a break.
2) Productivity/Creativity is back full blast and I am much more organized with time–getting up at 5 helps! On to big projects(just a couple) like my shows, books, a couple of charity pieces,and getting Patreon setup. It also helps to whittle your 75 projects down to two or three.
4) TMI—My “forced onslaught” menopause is over—I had a hysterectomy a few years ago, and my doctor warned me of the consequences, but we both agreed that it all had to come out(I am a tumor factory).I have struggled with hot flashes, mood swings, and other various things that those of you who have been through it know about. At last, it all just STOPPED. It’s over.



So, here I am being worked on, by my artist, Brody. He was terrific and took great care of me. He had what I jokingly called a “great bedside manner” and asked me lots of questions about why I was getting what I was getting at this time in my life and why. He was very curious as to why I, probably twice the age of everyone in the place, was getting one, and why I was getting it on my hand, which simply isn’t done in most circles.

Well, to answer his questions, I was raised to despise tattoos,having a very conservative family, and I did for a long time. Well, maybe not despise so much as had no interest, and didn’t understand the allure. Then, as I got older and began to become friends with people who not only were inked but also were tattoo artists themselves, by whole viewpoint changed. It was gradual, for sure, but as I looked at my inked friends, and what they mean to me, I saw that a lot of them were better quality people than the people my family wanted me to associate with.
I had my Friday the 13th Spider put on my left hand because my left hand has now become suddenly very important in my artistic life; it was the hand I was actually born using, and I was then made to become a rightie. As you will see in coming weeks, I am going to post videos of me drawing, and I will be drawing with both my left and right hands. The left hand is in training, and I also wanted to put something noticeable on it. Symbolic, I suppose.

I was given all sorts of reasons why people don’t get their hands tattooed and they made sense—generally dealing with covering them up to keep your job or out of sight of law enforcement. Well, I don’t exactly do anything of any interest to law enforcement, and my art therapy job is exactly that–art therapy. Artists can usually get away with a little more than office workers.
Pain was another factor. Everyone at the studio where I got it was calling me this major badass for getting it on my hand because apparently even grown men can have a hard time getting it done in that area. I am not exactly sure what to say–it was a little annoying, but hardly painful. So I was getting all these high-fives and fistbumps and secretly I was thinking, “It didn’t hurt, but I’ll take the praise!”
I also made it clear that I am nearly 50 years old and I think if I want a tattoo on my hand I have every damned right to have one, which they high-fived me for again, and called me, and I quote, ” Bad ASS gal!”
It was fun.

Family members were of course acting like it was the end of the world that I got this thing, calling me every name in the book. It’s okay, though, I am used to disappointing everyone. Seriously, it was, in my brain, a very refreshing case of, “Okay, you don’t like it, I do, and now we move on.”

My husband was very nice about it–he mainly was concerned about the aforementioned family members.


So, next Friday the 13th is in July. I think I’ll treat myself for my birthday. 🙂



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