My Weird Life: The Birdmen.


This is a photo of my late grandparents’ backyard. In the spring, it was a colorfest of azalea bushes. This photo is from the 1960s, I think,because that stump in the middle on which that kettle is sitting was almost disintegrated by the time I was born in 1971.

But you probably notice something odd. The white patch at upper left, indicating possibly an overexposure, has a little scribble in it. Look closer and it may take on a dinosaur or birdlike shape.


Flip this photo over and you will find a wild orgy of the brethren of the aforementioned creature.

I drew these things all over everything when I was small; no book, no piece of paper, and obviously not all photos were safe from my scribbling hands. I still have no idea what compelled me to scribble on a photo, though.

I think I even called them the Birdmen then. They had round heads, round bodies, bird legs and feet and what seemed like arms and hands.

One of these seems to have a hat, and I think another might be…pooping? The one at top right is in an awful hurry to get someplace.

I thought about what these beings might look like if I had started drawing them today:


I don’t know where the Birdmen came from in my brain, but they are kinda fun. I feel bad that they’ve obviously lost their ability to fly.


Thanks for reading about the Birdmen!

My Favorite Vulture.

This happened July 29,2015.



I rescued a black vulture;it seemed to be injured and was hanging around my mom’s place. I fed it dog food for a few days and then got in contact with AWARE, and Steve and I transported it to the facility.

I have worked at a small zoo, as I have mentioned, and we had turkey vultures there, so I had no problem with catching this bird and doing what needed to be done. Catching it was a bit of a hassle, as it could still run and flap away pretty fast even if it couldn’t fly. I brought over my leather welding gloves to protect my hands in case it bit, and two blankets, and instructed Steve to help me corner it, holding up the blankets and approaching it in a “V” formation. I was hoping to get it up against the house, but it slipped past us and got out into the pasture. Flopping over the fences with a large blanket still in hand, I went after it. One of the horses tried to stomp it, but in its running from her, it went back to where I needed it to go. Then we went round and round a tree about thirty times until Steve could get over the fence and get back in the game. He was instrumental in helping me corner it, and then I just threw the blanket over it as intended and tackled it like a linebacker.

Then it unloaded. Oh, yes, the all-too infamous means by which a vulture protects itself when attacked or threatened: VOMIT. This not only completely grosses out whomever is trying to grab the vulture but also lightens it for a quick takeoff. Convenient, eh? Well, having dealt with vultures before, I was prepared.

But I had forgotten the smell.

I described it as “acid sulfur dogfood nuclear bomb” on Facebook. As I instructed Steve to get the large animal carrier we had and to get it over the fence, pronto,it kept vomiting. By some miracle, I got none of it on me, but it did it again in the carrier, and we had to drive and hour to the rescue facility with the most ungodly stench imaginable permeating every inch of the car. Windows down, Steve driving with a napkin over his nose.

We got to AWARE without incident, and the kind and patient folks there took the vulture to the back and had me fill out forms. They hosed out my carrier as best they could and a volunteer out front showed us a box turtle and a milk snake that are kept in a cozy  little enclosure in the front office. I left them a $25 donation, and we were on our way.

In checking on the bird, via its case number, I have gotten the answer of “No obvious injuries were found during his examination, however he will be closely observed for a while before he is moved outside!” so I am extremely curious as to its problem.

My car is finally unstinked now. It took 409, bleach, and two containers of baking soda.


My vulture was eventually moved to a facility to be a part of nature demonstrations. He never would fly, even though the vets could find nothing physically wrong with him.

Project: The Simon Le Bon Aztec Bird(?) Shirt

I’m an 80s gal. I loved the music, the clothes, the TV shows, the toys and the knickknacks of our daily lives.
I was a big Duran Duran fan, too. I had a group of friends that shared my adoration for them, some to the point of being fanatical. A couple even signed their last names on notes back and forth with their last names as “Le Bon” and “Rhodes”. They are still my friends to this day, so if they are reading this I hope they share a chuckle with me. I preferred Andy Taylor myself,but I always tended to kinda go for the more unusual person in a band. Anyway, I was fortunate to be able to watch “Live Aid” when it happened, and I taped most of it, the whole day. It actually occurred on a day that we were having a birthday party for me at my parents’ house. I would run over to the TV periodically to check that it was recording or to shove a new tape into the VCR, and then get back to the festivities. I would watch my favorite acts when they happened..I remember it was just a very loose sort of day.

When Duran Duran came onstage, I was really wowed by Le Bon’s new look; he had very short dark hair instead of the frosted blonde mullet he had sported before. I was also very enamored with his outfit and have pretty much wanted to mimic it ever since. It was a red blazer(God,I loved the blazer-over-graphic tee look) over a white tee shirt with a black bird or dragon-bird in a very Aztec-like style.

Le bon shirt composite.jpg

This is a composite I have made of the shirt. I have paused and screencapped this video(the video is also known as “The Bum Note Heard Round the World” but I won’t go into that. I felt bad for the guy but I will admit cracking up when I heard it) over and over but I can’t get a shot of what the bird’s head looks like. Still,I think I could draw it if I wanted to, and I do want to. I want my own shirt, dammit! It’s long overdue.