Happy Birthday to Bean!

My best little pal in the world, my cat Jellybean, turns six this year. Here’s why she is our special kitty.(read more after the pic)


Bean is just as intelligent as any other cat; actually, she shows herself to be very very smart on some occasions. But sometimes it seems as if she is “slow” because of what has happened to her.
She is on phenobarbital medication because she has seizures. Doc(what all us clients call my wonderful vet) says that it won’t keep her from having them at all but it does significantly decrease the frequency at which she has them. He’s right; she only has maybe one every two months. The thiamine deficiency caused this—Doc says that essentially, there’s a little part of her brain in there that’s dead, and she can’t get it back. That didn’t seem to affect memory or intelligence, but it did affect her reaction time, and her vision. So if another cat slaps her(which is rare, but it happens) and she wants to slap back, she has to go through an extra “loop” to react and slap the cat back. it’s a short delay but it is noticeable. Doc says she is probably mostly blind in her left eye. But after all she has been through, she’s pretty amazing. She’s my Sweet Bean, and I will cherish her always.  ❤

Whole Buncha Birthdays…

Many are tailored to an inside joke or something that person really likes, something they did that was memorable, or a hobby or job.

In the case of Tony, he was my brother’s buddy when we were growing up and lived tow doors down. One day Tony and my brother rode their dirt bikes in the deepest, sloppiest mud imaginable someplace and came home expecting to just come in the house and wash off. My mother HOSED them off.