Halloween Countdown 2017: Skull Excavation Kit!

Target, in my opinion, really knocks it out of the park most years at Halloween. I love discovering all the small toys and inexpensive little trinkets that are put out by the shops at Halloween, and Target’s dollar section at the front of the store did not disappoint this year. I found these “Excavation Kits”, some with skulls and some with two different tombstone designs, to save to play with later for this blog. And so today, because I’ve had kind of a crappy day and I want to pound things into dust, let’s get on with our excavation!

20171016_175421 copy
The packaging is great. I bought an extra one to hang on my wall of tiny weird toys.

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Luna Moth.

I found a dying luna moth on the sidewalk.


It was clearly on its way out–its movements were very feeble and its color seemed washed out. It was motionless on the sidewalk outside the┬ástore where I was stopping to get cat food,but moved its antennae when I picked it up.
As I will often do when I see any large, attention-getting insect out in harm’s way, I quickly scooped it up before some ass or their kid stomped on it. I took it over to some bushes behind the store, far out of range of where the employees take their smoke breaks, and set it gently under a bush.