Weird Fact of the Day: Deadly Caterpillar.

Lonomia copy.jpg


Luna Moth.

I found a dying luna moth on the sidewalk.


It was clearly on its way out–its movements were very feeble and its color seemed washed out. It was motionless on the sidewalk outside the store where I was stopping to get cat food,but moved its antennae when I picked it up.
As I will often do when I see any large, attention-getting insect out in harm’s way, I quickly scooped it up before some ass or their kid stomped on it. I took it over to some bushes behind the store, far out of range of where the employees take their smoke breaks, and set it gently under a bush.

Heinous Hybrids: Tasmanian Devil-Bee! And more..

A few weeks ago, I asked some Facebook friends to challenge me with this: Name two animals for me to meld together. No dog breeds or other purebred whatnots, no imaginary animals, no cartoon characters, and don’t try to be uber-witty or I’ll just skip it. Just two animals straight out of nature. I got some terrific requests! I got so many that I asked people if they would want their hybrid finalized and colored for a donation to my pet rescue, and some peeps stepped up to the plate.

The first finalized one is what I will gingerly call the TazBee.

bee Taz

But wait! There’s more…

Badger bat. I really like this one!

More Kooky Valentines!

I found most of these at Target. These are brilliant beyond my wildest dreams of things to look for after the end-of-the-year holiday season is nevermore.


These are shark-themed. Although I wish they had real photos of sharks, they still don’t disappoint: each card presents you with a teeny gel cling shark that is one of four different designs. Half of them have sharky puns.

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