Halloween Countdown 2017: Boys’ Life Space Costume Fun!

Today I went by my favorite local flea market, which I haven’t patronized in a while due to my curbing my flea marketing activities. I was hoping to justify the trip by getting some good pics of their usual Halloween vintage goodness, but there wasn’t much out. However, that was all rectified with my discovery of some Boys’ Life magazines. After picking up several and thumbing through them, I was thoroughly convinced I would have loved being a Boy Scout, had I been a boy, of course. There was a lot more fun-looking stuff in those magazines than I’ve seen in magazines with a focus on young girls from back then. Except all the hunting stuff. No way, dude.
Anyway, inside one issue that  said something about  “space toys and hobbies” on the cover, there was an article on homemade costumes. I didn’t get a pic of the actual article or cover so I do not remember the year or month. But look at these gems:

Boys Life Spaceman

I think this kid has on his scouting cap, but has painted his face green and possibly his hands too. I don’t know what the space playset is even after a fairly thorough Google search, so I’m gonna ask some of my
vintage toy buff friends such as Plaid Stallions for  help.

Love the bare feet.


Kiddo is playing, in his scouting uniform, with R2-D2 and an X-Wing!!!


Boys Life Spaceman 2

Oh god…kid in uniform again, playing in the sand (didn’t the kids have to keep these uniforms clean and pressed?) with a strange alien parrot mask and ray gun!!


Boys Life Vader with Godzilla

I have saved the best for last. Boy Scout Vader Gets Beat Up By Godzilla.


(The Shogun Warriors Godzilla, to be exact. Oh, how I wanted this thing.)


Thanks for looking at old space fun playtime pics!



Halloween Countdown 2017: Costume Capers Part 1!

I asked a few of my friends if they wouldn’t mind submitting photos and descriptions of costumes they wear presently, or costumes from their childhood for me to use on this blog. My friend Lynn graciously sent this along almost immediately:

Lynn D

Her description is as follows:

Me – Mid 60s Spring Show in Elementary School.   The height of the space race, but man had not yet walked on the moon.  Back when mom’s made costumes for shows like these.
I even remember the first verse of the song we sang:
Beep, beep. Here comes a satellite.
Beep, beep. And now it’s out of sight.
Beep, beep. Around the Earth it goes.
Beep, beep. And that’s how science grows.
Isn’t it adorable? I think the best part is the little wiggly antenna on top!!  Thank you, Lynn!

Fingerprint Follies: Two Birthday Cards!

My friends and I are costuming and props nerds–well, not so much me anymore. I love the costumes but I really don’t get into building any more and I can’t really go to events due to the nature of what I do in animal rescue–I usually have things to take care of while events are happening. Still,I love the camaraderie of our group of close friends and extended ones and getting together for what are known as “armor parties”, in which folks work on their costumes(most of which have some form of armor involved) at someone’s home with much food and merriment.
Some of our friends have some pretty dangerous tools to work with:

Kent brownie slicer_0002
Kent has his own homemade forge and is quite skilled at making weapons. He and his dad, Kenny, also make terrific brownies that they always bring to our get-togethers.
Scott leigh troop checklist
As I said, we are costuming nerds. With Star Wars costumes, an official event that you wear your costume to—an appearance at a kids’ hospital, a parade, a sports event—is called a “troop”, and you always have a long laundry list of things you need: all the parts of your costume, plus a “crash kit” for repairs. This is our friends Leigh and Scott, a married couple,about to go over the checklist for a troop..;)