Past Projects: Cow Appreciation Day!

So it’s “Cow Appreciation Day” at Chik-Fil-A, a day that, if you dress up as a cow somehow, you can get a free meal, since cows are their mascots. I doubt they have much real appreciation for cows, but, I had to accept the challenge a few years back. I made these for Steve and me.


Fingerprint Follies: Two Birthday Cards!

My friends and I are costuming and props nerds–well, not so much me anymore. I love the costumes but I really don’t get into building any more and I can’t really go to events due to the nature of what I do in animal rescue–I usually have things to take care of while events are happening. Still,I love the camaraderie of our group of close friends and extended ones and getting together for what are known as “armor parties”, in which folks work on their costumes(most of which have some form of armor involved) at someone’s home with much food and merriment.
Some of our friends have some pretty dangerous tools to work with:

Kent brownie slicer_0002
Kent has his own homemade forge and is quite skilled at making weapons. He and his dad, Kenny, also make terrific brownies that they always bring to our get-togethers.
Scott leigh troop checklist
As I said, we are costuming nerds. With Star Wars costumes, an official event that you wear your costume to—an appearance at a kids’ hospital, a parade, a sports event—is called a “troop”, and you always have a long laundry list of things you need: all the parts of your costume, plus a “crash kit” for repairs. This is our friends Leigh and Scott, a married couple,about to go over the checklist for a troop..;)

Afterween 2016: Drawloween Catch-Up!

Well, it has been a wacky month here at WeirdCrest. I just got too involved with keeping things going while Steve is gone to keep up with Drawlloween. So last night, I cracked open the sketchbook and scribbled these out in no particular order, but I did complete them all! They are a bit blurry because I simply took photos of the pages with my phone instead of scanning them. But they’re all there! Behold!


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Halloween Countdown 2016: My First Halloween!

first hall liz 9_17_ 2015

So here I am on my first Halloween, one year old in 1972, wearing one of those godawful/completely awesome Collegeville Costumes . It is a cat costume,similar to ones offered by Ben Cooper. All the parts are there–the molded plastic mask, and the shiny smock and pants that of course,have a picture of the character you are trying to be instead of features that actually make you look like the character. Gotta love ’em. I wish I could stumble across a big stack of them today.

There is a third photo of me with my mask down, blundering around because I distinctly remember not being able to see or breathe in the thing. It looked like the  pic to the lower left when new. You can see it in the Collegeville catalog in this pic from Plaid Stallions. I also had the Collegeville Roadrunner costume that I later wore to the Halloween Disco(that’s another post!)

mujtp9KdrhU42RXwUvRuuHATake a look at the size of my little trick-or-treating pumpkin pail. It’s so wee it can maybe hold three red-hots and I’m done. The pumpkin’s face is turned around, but he looked like the smaller pumpkins in this pic to the right.meanie greenieI also remember my brother saying that the little pumpkin’s name was Meanie Greenie. Not sure why; he certainly wasn’t green, but when I played with him (yes Halloween pumpkins were in my year-round play) I still  called him Meanie Greenie and he was the villain of whatever story I had going on with my toys. He was miniscule, but effective in evilness.

first hall liz 9_17_ 2015 2

God,I am so small here! Now I tower several inches over my mother. I remember that for the longest time, our Halloween candy was handed out in that plastic green Tupperware bowl(actually a “lettuce keeper”, I have discovered).

I still have the costume and our trick-or-treating pumpkins somewhere; I would like to have them out as part of our regular year-round Halloween decor. I should go digging.

Hope you enjoyed My First Halloween! Judging from this photo, I’m not so sure I did