Toylanta 2018!!

Toylanta was this weekend—it’s a big annual toy convention held in Atlanta over a weekend. It started as a hub for GI Joe collectors but expanded to include vintage toys across the board. I have friends that attend, friends  who are vendors, and friends who attend with me, so it was an all-around fab time Saturday! Here are some highlights:

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A Box from Mother’s House, Part II!

Wow, this is a doozy! As my two brothers and I plowed through boxes of our old stuff at our mother’s house, a big pile of comic books came to light. They were all spooky,scary, mystical titles that I remember sneaking into my brothers’ closet and trying to read. I didn’t understand much but I loved it. My brothers gave me the books, and at last I can read them at leisure. I’ll post the pics, and feel free to review any you might  might have read. Here goes!

Halloween Countdown 2016: A Visit to Randy’s Pumpkin Patch!

There’s a pumpkin patch I’ve meant to visit every year near where I worked today. Finally went. I took lots of pics, as I had the whole place to myself. I imagine it has a lot more energy on a cool fall evening, but it was still fun to look at everything. I am generally not a fan or today’s inflatable ornament overload, but some of the ones this guy had are quite funny.

Demons: Annabelle.

ANNABELLE 21 2015 altered

Have you seen the movie “The Conjuring”?

The doll in this film is based on an actual doll that bears no resemblance to her film counterpart. The real doll is a plain old,innocent-looking  Raggedy Ann doll that was purchased from a hobby shop in the 70’s as a birthday gift to a girl named Donna. Donna was in college, and shared an apartment with her roommate. With the two girls, Annabelle quickly became a beloved piece of decoration.
Then the two students began noticing strange things..

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