Dragon Con Rocks!

We had a really neat rock hunt at Dragon Con over the weekend. I found this absolutely perfect, perfect rock while Steve was with me.



Dragon Con: A Quick Review.

Dragon Con:


Dragon Con Good: Seeing dear friends; can’t and won’t try to name them all. You know who you are. If I saw you and got you to sign my self-made “yearbook” and/or take a photo, you certainly are one. Met a few new friends. Rekindled relationships with old friends.Relaxed in Beth’s room and didn’t worry about a costume. Found painted rocks. Talked with Brent Spiner about “Tales from the Darkside”. Got Rob Paulsen to do Jose’ Carioca’s voice. Had many peanut butter sandwiches and Cherry Coke thanks to Beth and the room time.

No con crud.😎

Con crud free.jpg

Dragon Con 2017 Approaches!

Cover 2017.jpg

I will be rather scarce for  the next few days; you see, the biggest nerdfest in the US, also known as DragonCon, is this weekend. I will be attending here and there, although I am not doing the stuff I used to do or that a lot of people always do: costuming. No, I haven’t done a costume in a few years. I just got burnt out on it like I got burnt out on taking puppets to it.  I like a pressure-free experience, just going to see friends and their costumes, meeting celebrities that I am interested in, and viewing the art gallery. Maybe I’ll dress us in something again one of these days…my friend Beth agreed that I would make a great Professor Trelawney to travel around with her as Professor Sprout.

One thing that I do prepare each year is “The Book”, which turns out to be like a yearbook. I have friends sign it and draw in it, plus I paste in various swag, business cards and pictures. It’s become a lot of fun for me to do and a great keepsake afterward.
Usually I use a generic black sketchbook. This year I decided to try out a looseleaf notebook so that I could rearrange things or add new pages.
printed cover.jpg

I used a paintmarker on the spine, and it has one of those clear view windows on the front–I inserted the printed-out dragon artwork into it.

This year, friends who sign it will find a bit of a surprise:


A pencil case with eyes awaits them! But that’s not all!




It has toofs!
And it’s filled with markers in case anyone wants to draw me a very involved picture. 🙂