Horrible Hatchlings:SAV101


Here at the WeirdCrest Lab, we have obtained eggs from various sources, and we will be hatching them in our incubators. Care to tune in in a few days to see the progress on our first featured egg? It’s a mild little apple-green thing, labeled SAV101,sitting in a box of sand. What will it be?

SAV101 Day1.jpg


My Weird Little Easter Basket, part 1!

We’ve had a few crazy months here at WeirdCrest. My dear husband was away for months while he took care of his mother after a fall. Then he brought his mother home to stay with us(things are going well, but it definitely has wraught changes). Two weeks after I finally had my husband home, he was in a car wreck. While we pick up the pieces of the things that have happened, my little pet rescue must keep going. Needless to say my husband has not been able to work so we have lost revenue there, etc., etc.,. Some friends sent me some Target giftcards, demanding I go get something fun with them. Well, goshdarnit, I DID.

I made up my own Easter Basket.My  Ultimate Easter Basket, I should say.

I’ll do some more pics and posts later, because I’m quite giddy about it, but I have other irons in the fire right now with artwork. I’ll give you a little taste of one of the funnest things in the basket. Woot!


So here’s the spread! A dinosaur pail, A new Madball(Oculus Orbus, to be specific), Play-Doh Spring Eggs, A Jar Full of Dinos and a Jar Full of Ponies,plastic “Dino Eggs” that have stegosaur-like plates going down one side,a set of Flair felt tip pens,  a Hex Bug Nano Robot in an egg,and because no Easter basket is complete without them, some wee chenille chicks in a pack of four.

Here I will talk about the Hex Bug Nano. It came in a small egg about the size of a small chicken egg.



Once I cut the packaging free I realized the bug has tiny bunny ears. Oh. Em. Goodness. 🙂
I never have had one of these or seen one in action. Essentially you flip the switch on the underside and it goes into extreme scurry mode–it just scoots everywhere, and when it bumps into something it goes the other way. It gave me quite a giggle. It can get away from you quite easily!



I also got a pack of purple Peeps, but Steve and I ate most of them already. :/

Halloween Countdown 2016: Pack-o-Fun 1976 Halloween!!!!

I absolutely must gush about Pack-o-Fun Magazine,a scrap-craft magazine that was first published in 1951 and still around today. Lyle Clapper, son of the magazine’s founders, has said,”It’s the oldest craft magazine in existence, certainly nationwide and probably worldwide as well.”
My late grandmother, who I spent a lot of time with growing up, subscribed to this magazine and we had stacks and stacks of back issues I loved to go through, trying out various crafts with things you generally could find around the house. But the ultimate issue came in 1976, when I was five and just starting to learn to read and fumble around with making things with Grandmother. Even as a child, I seemed to love the spooky and macabre, because I was instantly drawn to the Halloween issue and wanted to make items from it. Check out the cover!


These marionettes are made from tights and pantyhose. The photography on this cover is just perfect.

The funny part was that there were some crafts that did not include photos as to their end result; the illustrations were lots of fun to look upon but you never quite knew how the end project was going to look when you finally cranked it out. For instance:


Grandmother, bless her, helped me make the Crisco-tin monster head,the gremlin-face cups, and the little jar face. The Crisco tin thing came out the best; back then all egg cartons were this pulpy cardboard stuff and it made great monster teeth. We started to attempt the hat but we didn’t have any balloons, if I remember correctly. Still, it was great fun. I treasure those times.

Movie Monsters: Q – The Winged Serpent!


Sometimes just known as “Q”,  this is a 1982 movie starring David Carradine and Michael Moriarty. Shepard (Carradine) is a New York City Cop investigating a series of ritual homicides. Bodies turn up mutilated in ways such as having the hearts cut out. Meanwhile, Jimmy Quinn (Moriarty) is a piano player and petty criminal who gets caught up in a jewelry store heist. When things go awry, he flees with the stolen jewels, abandoning his fellow crooks. He hides the loot in a forgotten attic space at the top of the Chrysler building,  and there he finds an enormous nest near a hole in the roof.
The two plot lines come together when Shepard figures out that an Aztec cult priest has been convincing victims to be semi- willing human sacrifices as he prays the ancient Aztec  serpent god Quetzalcoatl back into existence. Quetzalcoatl nests in the top of the Chrysler building, flying out on occasion to snatch unsuspecting New Yorkers from rooftops. Jimmy lures the other crooks to the nest and cheers as Q devours them. Then, for a promise of immunity and one million dollars, tax free, he informs Shepard where to find the nest.