Halloween Countdown 2015–My Would-Be Favorite Mug!

I was so ready for this to be my favorite coffee mug.


Cracker Barrel restaurants have the Halloween stuff out pretty early and a lot of it is pretty cool. A bit too much glitter, maybe, but still good-looking stuff. I’ll go back and do a better review later. But in the meantime, I got this crazyass mug. There was also a similar-looking ghost, but the deranged expression of this guy won me over. This is the face of too much caffeine, perhaps.
I personally drink decaf because I spent way too many years addicted to caffeine and suffering the headaches when deprived of it.

So I happily filled this little dude with decaf the other day, took a sip, and–


The pumpkin shape, at least with my lips, leads to dribbling.

Alas, he was then brought upstairs to the workshop, where he holds glue sticks on my desk. Not a bad assignment, really, but I was really looking forward to our coffee mornings together.


Halloween Countdown: Halloween Book, 2015.

This is another case of “moving a bunch of bits of artwork” so I am including it all in this post. This is from my Halloween Book, in which I draw and paste in tickets and stickers and all sorts of things relating to my experiences and inspirations of the season.

Halloween Countdown 2015: Tiny Clyde’s Wolf!

WP_20150925_007 One of my best pals since high school, Bekah, has almost the same birthday as me. We send each other Target giftcards every year and I love the funny little exchange. I decided to sit on mine until Hallowe’en items began to arrive at Target stores, and bought this amazing wolf statue yesterday. My kitty Tiny Clyde has been hanging out with it for a couple of hours now. 😀