Art in my Pajamas: The Kelpie

We got a little spooky on Art in my Pajamas since the lights wouldn’t work—the fluorescent light in my office refused to come on . I drew one of my very favorite monsters—-a kelpie, from Scotland. I am quite Scottish on the maternal side and I love Scottish folklore.
Art in my Pajamas is my live Facebook feed I do every Saturday night at 8PM EST. I am working to move it to Instagram to reach a wider audience.


My Weird Life: Playing with my Toy Horses!

Oh, my stars. Here is me, in the very early 80s, with messy unwashed weekend hair and my old bifocal glasses, playing with my giant horde of cheap plastic toy horses.
My dad made us kids a sort of hobby table in the basement—my brother and his friends used it to race slot cars for a while, then once they grew out of that, I came in and added a fake “grass” mat to it and it became my “ranch”. The table was technically in my brother’s section of the basement, and I just sort of took it over. In these pics you can not only see me and my toy horses, but a great batch of old 1970s toys in their boxes stacked along the wall.

Me and toy horses 2

I collected and displayed these horses in a way that you can see I obviously didn’t know the structure of horse families, haha. You can see I have a lot of little family groups, many of which match.
I’ll get to those toys back there in a sec. First, for the horsey folks, a closer look:

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