I decided to revive this website.

I enjoyed having a place to really let my freak flag fly, and this is it.

I will be drawing more monsters, researching creepy stuff and posting regularly again. Great things have happened that have finally allowed me more time, are helping me physically feel better, and it’s time to get back into it.

I will have artwork for sale. Stay tuned!

Thanks for your patience!

Well, folks,if you have found me here, and were a follower of my old blog, Dragon Patch TV, you’ll of course realize I am shoveling a lot of stuff from over there to here, but streamlining things and categorizing them better.  I really wanted to pay tribute to the Crestwood Monster Series with the “monster guide” I have been working on, and I wanted a new, fresh site to reflect that. I am very happy with it and with the look of things you guys are enjoying it too! Thanks for your views, comments and likes! 😀

My Animal Rescue.

Dear readers, if you would like to help out an animal rescue in need, please click the “The Pet Shelter, Inc.” link to the right and join our blog. My family has been helping unwanted animals for a long time and with the economy, my family’s health issues, and loss of jobs(my husband’s in particular),paying for quality vet care and food has become quite difficult. I try to have daily content to engage visitors every day, and we are hoping to have some fun merchandise up soon. Massive fundraising must happen.
I also try to post something about the animals frequently to get website visitors acquainted with them. We are a recognized non-profit and donations through the website’s paypal account are tax deductible.

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Please! Please check out our site!



If you have just found this blog, thank you for joining us! In case you haven’t noticed, much of the content here is from Halloween of last year and beyond. I am moving items from an old site over here. Getting close to done. So stick with me, friend, there is plenty of weirdness to come!