Happy Birthday to Bean!

My best little pal in the world, my cat Jellybean, turns six this year. Here’s why she is our special kitty.(read more after the pic)


Bean is just as intelligent as any other cat; actually, she shows herself to be very very smart on some occasions. But sometimes it seems as if she is “slow” because of what has happened to her.
She is on phenobarbital medication because she has seizures. Doc(what all us clients call my wonderful vet) says that it won’t keep her from having them at all but it does significantly decrease the frequency at which she has them. He’s right; she only has maybe one every two months. The thiamine deficiency caused this—Doc says that essentially, there’s a little part of her brain in there that’s dead, and she can’t get it back. That didn’t seem to affect memory or intelligence, but it did affect her reaction time, and her vision. So if another cat slaps her(which is rare, but it happens) and she wants to slap back, she has to go through an extra “loop” to react and slap the cat back. it’s a short delay but it is noticeable. Doc says she is probably mostly blind in her left eye. But after all she has been through, she’s pretty amazing. She’s my Sweet Bean, and I will cherish her always.  ❤

Halloween Countdown 2016: My Kitchen!

This past year I finally did some redecorating in my kitchen that I had always wanted to try, but hadn’t had the nerve. Then, when Steve went out of town I did it! That was a few months back, and the kitchen has settled into being a room that I just love being in instead of only being the room where food-makin’s is accomplished.
Since we collect Halloween, the holiday decor stays out all year round. A few special items are put away each year–generally, what goes on the kitchen table–but to properly show off all my favorite Halloween pieces, most of which were something to do with black cats,I knew I needed new color on the walls. I chose yellow, as I grew up with a yellow kitchen and always liked it.

I don’t know why all the captions came out in italic.

Next to my counter is my rack of cat mugs, most with a black cat theme and many were presents. The pumpkin mug was just too silly to pass up. Although I generally get tired of “Crazy Cat Lady” jokes, the mug was a gift from a special friend and therefore she gets a pass. 🙂 The ghosts are candy containers and currently hold aspirin and mints. The Kit-Kat Klock was a gift from my dad, and another friend made and gave me the “Fork You” cross stitch. 😀

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My Animal Rescue.

Dear readers, if you would like to help out an animal rescue in need, please click the “The Pet Shelter, Inc.” link to the right and join our blog. My family has been helping unwanted animals for a long time and with the economy, my family’s health issues, and loss of jobs(my husband’s in particular),paying for quality vet care and food has become quite difficult. I try to have daily content to engage visitors every day, and we are hoping to have some fun merchandise up soon. Massive fundraising must happen.
I also try to post something about the animals frequently to get website visitors acquainted with them. We are a recognized non-profit and donations through the website’s paypal account are tax deductible.

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