Halloween Countdown 2017: FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH!!!

Well, how could I let the ULTIMATE Friday the 13th go by without posting my hellacious pic of getting choked by Kane Hodder? He’s one of the biggest, baddest dudes in the horror industry and an amazing example of getting through tough times. Bullied and tormented as a kid, he grew up to be a powerhouse of a stuntman only to be burnt severely in a stunt mishap that nearly killed him. The entire story of his long and excruciating recovery, the emotional and physical damage it caused, his fight to break back into the industry and the success of landing the role of Jason Vorhees, is all told in his book, Unmasked–True Life Story of the World’s Most Prolific Cinematic Killer.
He’s another hero of mine–the amazing Kane Hodder! Happy Friday the 13th, everybody!!!!
Kane Choke 13th.jpg

Halloween Countdown 2016: Tonight’s Reading Material!


My main mission at Walker Stalker Con was to get Kane Hodder’s book, Unmasked. Holy crap I can hardly put it down. He has had an amazing and tragic life. Long story short,a stunt went awry in his early career and he ended up with third degree burns over sixty percent of his body,and the crappy hospital he was taken to had no burn unit; his doctor had no idea how to handle his condition and royally,horribly screwed up his treatment and recovery. Once he was near death,he was transferred to a hospital with an actual burn unit and because of their care he survived. He is a big,gnarly,severe looking dude with very leathery scars all over,but he describes the constant pain,depression and despair with such eloquence the book brought me to tears. And he became such a go-getter,deciding if he wanted something he was gonna go for it,no matter what. He is a very inspiring person. And quite funny. Tonight I am finising up the book.



Lake Monsters: Ogopogo!


A Canadian lake monster, Ogopogo rules over lake Okanagan. It stands out among other more peaceful lake monsters because of its reputation as a bloodthirsty killer.
It is often described as a many-humped, serpent-like creature with horns.

It is believed that the beast has its roots in native Canadian Indian legends of a monster called N’ha-a-itk,that would demand a live sacrifice from travelers for safe passage across Lake Okanagan. Hundreds of years ago, whenever Indians would venture into the lake, they brought chickens or other small animals to kill and drop into the water to assure a safe journey.

Monsters of Oceania: The Bunyip of Australia!


The bunyip is a creature of  Aboriginal mythology. It loves in the swamps,creeks, riverbeds and waterholes of Australia. Its name translates to “devil” or “evil spirit”.
It has many descriptions that vary widely–most have it possessing dark fur and big teeth.


The bunyip was probably created in folklore and bedtime stories to scare young chindren into staying way from the water’s edge.

Monsters of Oceania: Abaia!

Abaia, © 2015 Liz Vitale

In Melanesia — the archipelagos of New Guinea, the Torres Strait Islands, the Admiralty Islands, Solomon Islands, New Caledonia and Vanuatu— there is the belief in a great eel, the Abaia, who dwells at the bottom of freshwater lakes. The Abaia is said to consider all creatures in the lake its children and guards and protects them with fierce loyalty and ferocity against anyone who would harm or disturb them. Those who are foolish enough to try to catch the fish from a lake in which the Abaia lives are immediately swept away by a large wave caused by the thrashing of the Abaia’s powerful tail.