Christmas Stockings Past and Present.

I thought i would share(this is gonna go LONG, folks, so strap in) some great images and thoughts on items I used to receive in my Christmas stocking as a kid and teen in the 70s and then 80s. Then I’ll go into my still favorite things for stocking fun, because for me, Christmas stockings have been probably the most fun and full of surprises in my 45 holiday seasons.

First, items I used to find in my stocking. When I was very small, my stocking was too, and had an applique’d Santa on the front. I still have it; wish it was handy so I could take a pic.

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Movie Monsters: An American Werewolf in London!

An American Werewolf in London, Wolf Headshot, Copyright Liz Vitale 2015
An American Werewolf in London, Wolf Headshot, Copyright Liz Vitale 2015

Hello! Aunt Liz here.If you enjoy perusing the above image, thank you. It’s the first time I have seriously used acrylic paints. Not bad for a first try, eh?
Well,I wanted to talk about AAWIL today, because I have had a wonderful time re-introducing myself to this masterpiece. See, all through my teen years I had seen it in bits and pieces on cable, etc., but had never seen it start-to-finish. I recently pulled it up on both YouTube and Netflix and had a ball watching it plus having it play in the background when I am working at home. My husband, your friendly Uncle Steve,is not a horror fan, but he likes this movie since it seems to cross that genre boundary and into comedy. What can we say? It’s just a great movie.

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Fingerprint Follies: Karyn’s Birthday Card, 2015. “The Airbrush Chronicles”.

Karyn is one of my best friends in this world. And because she has to deal with a lot of…shall we say,”life crap” , that I know weighs her down from time to time, any opportunity I have to make Karyn laugh I will grab by the horns. I had that opportunity this past weekend, at a movie night party we were having at Joanne’s place.

Incidentally, if you see me mention “The Tomato Gang”, that is this group. We eat dinner frequently at a restaurant called “The Green Tomato”.

See, Karyn is one of my friends in our Star Wars costuming groups, in particular,┬áthe Rebel Legion. She costumes as a Twi’lek Jedi.
And she is blue. I want to post a photo of her amazing costume but I won’t without her permission. Anyway, to get that amazing blue look, it takes an airbrush, a lot of time, patience and practice, and experimenting with different paints. And the constant upkeep and learning and trial and error with the airbrush produces, let’s say…some funny moments. Most of these occur at what are called “Armor Parties”, in which we gather at a friend’s house to eat,work on costumes or other projects, eat, work, and eat some more. And make a mess.
Karyn bday 9_12_ 2015

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