Art in my Pajamas: Minotaur, Chimera and Fish-Cock-Horse Thing!

It was another fun evening of drawing for my guests on Art in my Pajamas. We went with a Mythology theme with a touch of the Medieval. At my viewers’ requests, I drew a minotaur,a chimera(which I determinedly mispronounce) and a rooster with a horse head and fish tail! Even cooler was that all drawings sold! I offer each one for $10, and I can redraw the subject if someone else wants the same one. All of it goes toward my kitty rescue efforts!


Art in my Pajamas: The Kelpie

We got a little spooky on Art in my Pajamas since the lights wouldn’t work—the fluorescent light in my office refused to come on . I drew one of my very favorite monsters—-a kelpie, from Scotland. I am quite Scottish on the maternal side and I love Scottish folklore.
Art in my Pajamas is my live Facebook feed I do every Saturday night at 8PM EST. I am working to move it to Instagram to reach a wider audience.