Past Projects: Cow Appreciation Day!

So it’s “Cow Appreciation Day” at Chik-Fil-A, a day that, if you dress up as a cow somehow, you can get a free meal, since cows are their mascots. I doubt they have much real appreciation for cows, but, I had to accept the challenge a few years back. I made these for Steve and me.


Office pics!

My office evolves and changes constantly. Here is its most recent incarnation, which I may fight myself tooth and nail to keep this way because it is so efficient for what I’m doing now.

My main desk, where I do all my planning and brainstorming. Small drawing items are done here.You can see my sketchbooks in the white milk crate. All the black pens—Pigma Microns and Sharpies, especially—live in the mug with the black cat on it. You can also see my yellow “Mood Cube”, which I’ve had since I was probably four years old. The chair was my mother’s at her real estate office in the 80s.
Inspirational work by friends is on my little magnet board. Up on the mirror are important notes. A few special small toys that were not packed up are way down in the far left corner by the CD player. Blue glass pumpkin was given to me by my friend David and is an excellent paperweight.
This area had a WHOLE LOT OF JUNK clogging it before, and I had no room for my old exercise bike, as well as no room to maneuver stuff on and out of those drawers(that’s all art supplies and mystery pack items in those—special toys are on top). The white plastic shelf has bins for the endless amounts of receipts I have to keep track of, and the desk Sammy Hain kitty is lying on is dedicated to assembling Mystery Packs and shipping them. The stool at this desk was at my grandparents’ house and always lived under their kitchen phone. I spent many hours as a teen sitting on that stool talking to friends while at their house. Bookshelves to the left are almost strictly for archiving, from filled sketchbooks to binders full of non-sketchbook art and writing.
The more heavy-duty drawing takes place here, and inking, especially. An octopus given to me by my friend Beth supervises me.  The small shelf to the upper left has my smaller sketchbooks I’m still filling with various art challenges and other subjects. The newspaper article features Steve, and was printed in our local paper about Stone Mountain Lasers only about  a week after I was hired there in 1997.  The few remaining sewing items I have are in the blue basket at the far left, and the white plastic drawer beneath it. The tiny white shelf  at upper left is a sort of shrine to my grandparents, and it holds Grandmother’s pincushion dog and Grandaddy’s pocket knife. A lot of my stuffed toy sharks are peering out of various spots down below. Some of my Shark Week memorabilia is to the right. 🙂