Medieval Ridiculousness: Crocodile.

Crikey! Looka this little beauty!



Medieval Ridiculousness: Elephant Thing

Remember, folks–I am drawing these exactly as I see them on the page.

elephant thing.jpg


Heraldry: The Amphisbaena!


A reptile of the medieval period’s legends and folklore, the amphisbaena’s name is derived from the Greek word meaning “to go both ways”. It is a formidable adversary, able to run and fly(if winged) in both directions, clutch with its eagle-like talons, and bite with venomous fangs. It has glowing eyes that can penetrate the darkness.
it is thought to be inspired by an actual reptile, that lives in Lybian deserts,that can run both ways and has a tail (that is raises like a head at the threat of danger) that resembles a head–the worm lizard.


Gryphons/Griffins: Haunted Mansion Staircase!

HM staircase.jpg

This imposing figure greets you at the bottom of the staircase in the Haunted Mansion at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World. At Disneyland, it has a greenish, aged-copper patina, while at Walt Disney World, it is a deep crimson red!