The Britney Spears Hydra.

Getting back into my daily art groove. My siblings, step-siblings and I spent a week moving our parents to a new house. We did about six months of moving and cleaning in a week. We were exhausted, and most of us got sick with some sort of ancient disease that rises out of boggy graves every 1,000 years to strike down the hardworking…anyway, it was a rough two weeks there.

Apologies if you’re a Britney Spears fan…I heard “Hit Me Baby One More Time” on my way home from my mom’s today and this being pops into my head and animates itself every time I hear it.(which now is really the only reason I listen to it­čść)

Britney Spears Hydra.jpg

No joke…she’s just overdubbed and overdubbed so many times, I’ve always thought, jesus, how many of her is there singing this and I kept imagining all these Britney heads, and then they evolved further as I would much rather envision monsters than Britney Spears.