Mo’s Creature Cases: The Dahu!

Presenting the Dahu, a mountain-goat like animal of Switzerland, France and Northern Italy, with legs that are shorter on one side of its body than the other!

Dahu file.jpg

Fun and Frolicking: Renn Fest 2016!

So Steve and some of our pals(Blue,Orangebird, JoJo and J )went to the Georgia Renaissance Festival a few weekends ago, and I went again with another set of friends(Phrog and Dooflunkey) yesterday. When I go, I love to go on a “creature hunt”, since monsters of all description are all around in the art and flags and crafts and tapestries and statuary and so forth. Here are some of my finds:

Monsters of Europe: The Nuckelavee of Scotland!


One of the most feared apparitions of Scotland, the Nuckelavee resembles a horse with a human torso protruding from its back as if it were riding the horse. The torso’s head is also often heavy and oversized and rolls around on the neck. The Nuckelavee was said to have a rancid,poisonous breath that would kill crops and sicken livestock. Even worse is that it has no skin, and has muscles and veins showing in full view.

Intagram goat cat

tumblr purple dragon 2




Heraldry: The Amphisbaena!


A reptile of the medieval period’s legends and folklore, the amphisbaena’s name is derived from the Greek word meaning “to go both ways”. It is a formidable adversary, able to run and fly(if winged) in both directions, clutch with its eagle-like talons, and bite with venomous fangs. It has glowing eyes that can penetrate the darkness.
it is thought to be inspired by an actual reptile, that lives in Lybian deserts,that can run both ways and has a tail (that is raises like a head at the threat of danger) that resembles a head–the worm lizard.