Halloween Countdown 2017: The Bounty at Dollar Tree!

I shoulda written about this sooner; now things are picked over and if you like what you see here you might not be able to get them.

We have several Dollar Tree stores in our area; generally I haven’t been too thrilled with their holiday offerings; it always seems like everything looks too “kiddie” themed or just as if it were made by the lowest-paid designers, which of course is how they keep things cheap. But this year I was really pleasantly shocked at the designs of some of Dollar Tree’s Halloween Wares, from glowing gloves to decorated treat boxes!

Gloves with glowing features!! There were also skeleton and witchy-clawed hands, too!

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Halloween Countdown 2017: A Boatload o’ Target Pics!


You can “BOOP”!

Friends, I go to one of two Targets in my area EVERY day. No, I’m not driving there on a special trip; it’s simply that my daily morning errands always end right at a Target. So,I’m able to really keep up with what’s shakin’ in their Halloween department, or “Booporium”, this year.

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WeirdCrest Reading List: “Wrapped for Eternity”.

When Uncle Steve and I spend Halloween night sitting out on the porch waiting for trick-or-treaters,I take reading material with me. Last night’s nonfiction entry into the Hallowe’en spirit was Wrapped for Eternity: The Story of the Egyptian Mummy by Mildred Mastin Pace.


Wrapped for Eternity offers very detailed descriptions of how the Ancient Egyptians mummified the dead,and  how the first mummies were discovered by our present day culture. The book explains the religions connotations behind mummification and deals with the very real threat the Egyptian dead faced from tomb robbers. It is a fascinating resource for anyone interested in mummies and the Egyptian afterlife.