First Ink.

So I got a tattoo last week, on Friday the 13th. I LOVES IT.

Fri 13 just got it.jpg

I had been waiting for, and found, one of those $13 Flash Tattoo sales, and I am commemorating the best damned Friday the 13th ever. Why?

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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Here’s Nine Green Things I Love!

What better way to appreciate a day of wearing green than to celebrate things that are green?
It was hard to narrow down the list, but here are nine green things that I find especially cool:

1) Portrait of Boris Karloff as Frankenstein’s Monster, by Basil Gogos.
The Monster is my favorite of the “classic” monsters. I find the original movie so heartbreaking. Basil Gogos was an American illustrator best known for his portraits of movie monsters which appeared on the covers of Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine, and painted these characters in an amazing array of c Continue reading

Afterween: I review Herbie Hancock’s “Rockit”.

I am truly an 80s lover. I was a teen in the 80s, not a child, but I coveted a lot of things kids liked in the 80s(My Pet Monster, for example) as well as the stuff teens were into. So I feel I have a sort of double-whammy 80s love.

I especially reveled in the music. Although I am probably a bigger fan now of hand-played music, all the techno of the 80s radio airwaves was like nothing we’d ever heard before; it was fresh, exciting, and sometimes really bizarre.

Enter the music video. Called “promo films” in the 60s, music videos were nothing new; it’s simply that when I was a teen a mind-blowingly cool channel called MTV gathered all those promo films of current songs together and came rocking into the lives of those of us who had the mystical “cable”, which I at first thought was an actual cable that connected to a movie theater!!!!!

So where am I going with this? I’m setting up that I was a true MTV kid.  My generation was always ready for the next big video that came out, talking with friends at school about new videos that next day, taping videos on my family’s top-loading VCR to be able to not only hear the song over and over until I could get the record or tape, but to analyze the video or be able to pause it on cool shots and cute guys wearing way too much makeup. Videos might be surreal mini-movies or straight-up “live performances” on stage with the artists lip-synching.

Then there was Herbie Hancock’s “Rockit”.



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Halloween Countdown 2017: Lindsey Buckingham’s “Go Insane” Video!

I have reviewed several spooky/unsettling videos on here; I still have yet to review “Rockit”,but I may overcome that this season.

A video whose song I loved and was a little freaked out by its video is “Go Insane” by  Lindsey Buckingham. Buckingham is one of those artists whom I didn’t know were part of other, bigger entities when I discovered them back in the 1980s, when my music tastes were developing. Once I learned he was part of Fleetwood Mac, I felt a little embarrassed. Same story with Paul McCartney—– once I figured out McCartney was one of the Beatles, I had to backtrack and realize that was Paul singing on on so many of my favorite old songs. I could go on—-Robert Plant, Roger Daltrey, Jeff Lynne, etc. Anyway, Lindsey Buckingham’s “Go Insane” video has some of the early roots of computer animation and good old superimposing at work, making some pretty wacky stuff for its time..for instance:

For the lyric “Two kinds of trouble in this world/ 
Living, dying “, Lindsey holds up two boxes and out pops a mini-me of himself plus an adorable little skeleton marionette.

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Halloween Countdown 2017: “Cold Icy Fingers” song!

Steve and I have a couple of versions of this song. Here is the first I found as a video on YouTube.

Cold icy fingers stanleys

(don’t click the picture–it doesn’t go anywhere)

Here’s the lyrics!


Bill Johnson was a feller, that believed in haints and sights
He used to dream about ’em, when he went to bed at night
And when he’d dream about ’em, you could nearly always tell
He’d just throw back the covers, he’d jump right out and yell.

Keep Them Cold Icy Fingers Off Of Me
Keep Them Cold Icy Fingers Off Of Me
I don’t mind them naked bones
I can stand them hollow groans …
But, Keep Them Cold Icy Fingers Off Of Me.


Bill went to see the doctor, had a misery in his chest
The doctor looked at him and said take off that coat and vest
He started tappin’ on his ribs, which give Bill such a shock
That he just grabbed the doctor’s hand and he says “now looka here, doc!”

Keep Them Cold Icy Fingers Off Of Me
Keep Them Cold  Icy Fingers Off Of Me
You can cure my aches and ills
With your powders and your pills
But, Keep Them Cold Icy Fingers Off Of Me.

One night as Bill was passin’ a graveyard on the hill
Something dressed in white jumped out and made a grab at Bill
Bill says you may catch me, but I’ll make you do your best
Before we start to travelin’, I’ll make one last request.

Keep Them Cold Icy Fingers Off Of Me
Keep Them Cold Icy Fingers Off Of Me
You may run me out of breath
You may scare me half to death
But, Keep Them Cold  Icy Fingers Off Of Me.