The Beast of Bethlehem!

Beast of Bethlehem.jpg

When I was a kid in grade school, probably first or second grade, we often had to sing in school plays and Christmas pageants. One song we sang at Christmas in my school was called “Knock, Knock, Knock Went Joseph”. It went like this:

Knock, knock, knock went Joseph, at an inn in Bethlehem. “Can you shelter a family? It would be a big help to them.”

“No room, no room,” said the man in Bethlehem. “No room, no room,” said the man in Bethlehem.

Knock, knock, knock went Joseph, on the stable door so bright. “Can you shelter a family? For Jesus shall be born tonight.”

“Come in, come in,” said the beasts of Bethlehem. “Come in, come in,” said the beasts of Bethlehem.


Nice little song. However, I didn’t gather that the ” beasts of Bethlehem” meant the cows, donkeys, sheep, etc., in the stable at the inn.
I always heard “‘Come in, come in,’ said the Beast of Bethlehem.”

Not even joking. And my mind always conjured the large, hairy, but friendly creature above. After a few years of not hearing the song I heard it again someplace and realized my extreme mistake, but I still look fondly back at the image my weird little mind once conjured. 🙂


Halloween Countdown: “Everlasting Love” video by Howard Jones.

This is one of my favorite artists from the 80s, one of my favorite songs and one of the quirkiest little videos from that decade. Featuring mummies going about their daily lives in our world and sharing a darling romantic relationship, the video and song proves that love can indeed be everlasting. ❤

Hojo mummies.jpg

Halloween Countdown 2015: Happy Birthday Tom Petty!

(Oct. 20, 2015)

The infamous video for

Don’t Come Around Here No More.

It’s got costumes, it’s creepy. I think we women may get especially squicked out by this video, but I still love it. I always get a giggle out of Mike Campbell’s biting the cup in half and Howie Epstein’s( god rest his soul) making a face as he slams down a plate of donuts.

This video and song have long been some of my favorites of Petty’s work. I know that at the time he was going nuts from taking himself too seriously and recording and drinking and getting all worked up over everything and smashed his hand to smithereens..but after this album, he was a lot mellower, calmer human being.

He’s my favorite musician, and I’ve been a lifetime fan. He sent me some cool stuff after I wrote him an art-filled fan letter(I’ll elaborate on that another day); I’ll always be a fan. Tom, here’s to you on your birthday; have a good one.