A Doodle a Day—This past eight day’s spread!

6_25--7_2 2017.jpg

There is so much nutty stuff in here. I have discovered that the day’s events usually influence the daily doodle; therefore, I have tried to hold off doodling it until the evening(I used to do it in the morning).

One of my  great accomplishments this past week was getting my office organized. I mean REALLY organized, which included culling dozens and dozens of my beloved toys out of it. There were just so many I couldn’t quite function in here. I hated to see them packed up, but they haven’t gone far—my favorites are in a bright orange tub under one of my desks.
I am slowly learning how to purge and focus more on art and writing than collecting. It’s a lifetime habit I am trying to curb.
Anyway, another task I completed this week was getting my address book situated. Before, my book consisted of a small looseleaf notebook that had about half its addresses entered in neatly and in ABC order—that was done about five years ago. Somehow over time I started just scribbling people’s info on little colored pieces of paper and simply shoving them in the book. I could remember what color of paper people’s info was put on, but their addresses were just scattered willy-nilly through the stack of paper. Finding an address meant unpiling the whole stack and boy was I sick of it. I was not ABOUT to recopy every address, so I got a big looseleaf notebook, filled it with paper, and taped all those colored pieces of paper into it in ABC order. Then all the previous book’s addresses got taped in, too. I am sure that was much more than you wanted to read, but hey, it was a victory on my end!

This weekend, Steve and I also watched the new Beauty and the Beast live action movie. I found myself really enjoying it, even though for the first thirty minutes I just kinda felt as if we were watching Hermione’s Continuing Adventures in France or somesuch. The characters that were “objects” got a little grating on my eyes until someone in my brain said “hey, that is probably what they would actually look like if they were real”, and I stopped focusing on them so much. I especially enjoyed Ian McKellan as Cogsworth. And I ended up liking the Beast quite a bit, too. Anyway, I was trying to draw the Beast from the old animated movie, from memory. Ergh.


This is a screencap of the homescreen of my phone. I love my little alien friends!

And my beloved The Purple Stuff Podcast returned at last, with an episode all about sharks!    Shark week is just around the corner, so it was perfect, perfect timing.

Quotable Creeps.

Wraparounds Aqua Stephen King copy.jpg

I have to talk a little bit about this graphic. The drawing is about four years old, done with five others that I will bring out eventually. They are all serpentine creatures wrapped around the outside of a page, and I did them all on a plane to New Jersey to visit my husband’s family in the spring.
I now plan to use them as you see here; I would really LOVE to use them as stationary, but I think I would prefer to redraw and refine them just a bit. When I drew them, it was to keep my sanity. An older man(late 60’s?) in the seat in front of us on the plane was talking nonstop throughout the flight. What was he talking about? The hundreds and hundreds of animals he had killed. He had shot caribou in Alaska. He had killed some reindeer in Finland. He had shot antelopes of all kinds in Africa and he wanted to kill some stuff in Asia but couldn’t get the right permits or something. He wished he could go shoot penguins, too–he figured they’d be easy. All over the USA he had killed and stuffed every mammal and bird he could get his mitts on and he probably included some reptiles and amphibians in there too..I’m not sure, I tried desperately to tune him out. I’m not even sure if the people next to him knew him or what, but they kept listening. I noticed they didn’t ask him any questions, but they couldn’t get a word in edgewise anyway. Me? I was drawing endlessly, just trying to zone out, trying to tune him the heck OUT by just drawing serpentine creatures round and round the pages in my sketchbook. I saved four of them to scan in here, because they’re pretty neat, I think. Art under stress can sometimes look pretty cool. But I would have preferred otherwise.
Curiously…I wonder how this guy will look after he’s dead? Oh, if he only knew what all goes on in the process of embalming you, to make you a pretty corpse at your funeral…you get your anus sewn shut so it won’t leak and prickly plastic caps put under your eyelids so your eyes won’t bulge open. Then you can be almost as good a display as your taxidermy.

Today’s Infofunnies…


In my case, they always do.
save your hearing
SAVE YOUR HEARING!I truly believe that listening to headphones turned way up when I was a teen made me as deaf as I am today.
humpday may 30
And have a great HumpDay, people!
It’s kinda funny when you look back at the ancestral versions of the food we eat today and see how different it all looked when it was first cultivated.