Happy Birthday to my brother!

Scott card layout.jpg

There’s a bit more to tell about this drawing. I drew a lot of little dog and cat characters in the late 70s and very early 80s, still in grade school. I also had a mouse and bird character, seen here too. The cat’s name was Oglevie..no idea where I got that name…and the bird’s name was Elmo. This was long before Elmo Monster trashed Sesame Street, but oddly enough, the bird was red. I am drawing a blank on the mouse and dogs’ names.

Vintage: Strange-Legged Elephant.

This is a drawing I did in high school, probably on my own at home. My parents couldn’t keep me supplied with enough paper and I tended to spill over into pieces of posterboard that were supposed to be for our science projects.
I have no idea what inspired me to create elephants with strange little spindly legs and cloven hooves, but I drew them a lot. This one I just happened to take a lot of care with, trying to get the anatomy right and struggling with shading.


Friends, this is also testimony to creating art on supplies that are acid free. This board used to be white, and over the years it has become a dull beige.

The Britney Spears Hydra.

Getting back into my daily art groove. My siblings, step-siblings and I spent a week moving our parents to a new house. We did about six months of moving and cleaning in a week. We were exhausted, and most of us got sick with some sort of ancient disease that rises out of boggy graves every 1,000 years to strike down the hardworking…anyway, it was a rough two weeks there.

Apologies if you’re a Britney Spears fan…I heard “Hit Me Baby One More Time” on my way home from my mom’s today and this being pops into my head and animates itself every time I hear it.(which now is really the only reason I listen to it😆)

Britney Spears Hydra.jpg

No joke…she’s just overdubbed and overdubbed so many times, I’ve always thought, jesus, how many of her is there singing this and I kept imagining all these Britney heads, and then they evolved further as I would much rather envision monsters than Britney Spears.