Halloween Countdown 2017: Koorven der Poompkin!

Sorry, had an attack of Swedish Chef-itis, there…. Woohoo, folks, I picked out a wee pumpkin from a “patch” I went to on Friday, and at last I had a chance to carve it today!

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Halloween Countdown 2017: A Boatload o’ Target Pics!


You can “BOOP”!

Friends, I go to one of two Targets in my area EVERY day. No, I’m not driving there on a special trip; it’s simply that my daily morning errands always end right at a Target. So,I’m able to really keep up with what’s shakin’ in their Halloween department, or “Booporium”, this year.

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What Day is it? Dog Day!

Tob Harold 8_26_ 2015

This is a pic of me from 1989–more on how I know in a minute. But it’s Dog Day, folks!
I don’t have a dog right now, and it’s just as well; I don’t need anything right now that doesn’t poop in a litter box or a tray and I have to take it outside. But I love dogs, and at this time, my family had three; Trinket(not pictured but she was actually over to the right), my first dog, was an elderly dachshund-poodle mix and clearly the boss of the dogs; Toby(left) a mix of probably German shepherd and maybe collie; and Harold(right), a big, chunky mix of what I guess might have been husky and lab, maybe some collie or something else thrown in. This was back when most mixed-breed dogs were  combinations of shepherds, spaniels, setters and small hounds. I miss those days.

We lived in Stone Mountain here, and my parents were still married. The shirt  I am wearing was airbrushed in Panama City Beach using Tom Petty’s 1989 Spin magazine cover as reference. I had just returned from a trip with one of my best high school friends and her family to Panama City Beach and I had gotten that t-shirt done with the last speck of money I had brought on the trip with me!
Ah, those simpler times. I was starting college soon, and my parents’ marriage was about to come to a screeching, burning ruin, although I had no idea at the time. But my dogs got to live on at this house all to ripe old ages. I think Toby was the last to go, well into his teens. Our dogs were all outdoor dogs, but we spent a lot of time outdoors with them, plus they had heated doghouses and had it pretty darned good. In the last years of their lives each dog spent a lot of time inside so we could care for them more suitably.
Harold drove us crazy with his super-loud barking, Toby was an escape artist and Trinket liked bury rocks all over the place, but they were wonderful, funny, sweet dogs.  I miss this little bunch.