A Box from Mother’s House, Part II!

Wow, this is a doozy! As my two brothers and I plowed through boxes of our old stuff at our mother’s house, a big pile of comic books came to light. They were all spooky,scary, mystical titles that I remember sneaking into my brothers’ closet and trying to read. I didn’t understand much but I loved it. My brothers gave me the books, and at last I can read them at leisure. I’ll post the pics, and feel free to review any you might  might have read. Here goes!

Jellybean and a Shrunken Head.

Jellybean and shrunken head.jpg
I try hard to keep a journal; I feel it is very important, and apparently others do too.
Last night before I scribbled down the day’s events(and drew the above picture), I was reading up on several of my favorite subjects on the internet, and one of those happened to be shrunken heads–specifically, the process of making them. So I was happily reading away, with Jellybean sitting next to me on the sofa, when Steve walked by. I said up to Steve, as if Jellybean were speaking (using teeny kitty voice) “Daddy! Mommy’s reading about icky things!”
To which Steve replied, “What else is new, Jellybean?” 😀