Halloween Countdown 2017: The Netherworld Days–Mega Mouth and Me.

A reunion with my old big baby, Mega Mouth, at the Netherworld booth at DragonCon.


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Halloween Sketchbook: Spare Ribs!

Spare Ribs, © 2015 Liz Vitale

When I was in high school,I was not in the band, but I was friends with band members and someone convinced me I should help with their Trail of Terror fundraiser during Halloween on year. I did and loved it, and I participated every year until we graduated.
One year I had a particularly ambitious project to make a ghost horse that I would strap onto my body and ride, with false legs hanging over the sides. Named Spare Ribs, the horse was made of a cardboard box for his body and I sculpted a foam head and covered him with I think about 2 miles worth of shredded sheet pieces. In the end, since I was dressed as a sort of ghoul anyway,I didn’t need the legs..Spare RIbs and I ended up being sort of an enormous shredded-looking ghostly blob out in the woods in the darkness, and that worked pretty well. 🙂