Halloween Countdown 2017: The Stockholm Monster Tree!

My pal Erica, who married a Swedish fella and moved across the pond, sent me this photo; she snapped it from a bus she takes regularly. She had told me about the “monster tree” and I was really looking forward to seeing it, but I didn’t exactly want her to be hanging out the window or anything to get it. To my delight, she got a super-clear pic of it.Stockholm Monster Tree.jpg

She explained additionally:
It seems to just be a random tree with a big creepy hole in it that someone decided to paint like a monster, complete with sharp teefs. I just love it! There’s a lot of random art in/around Stockholm though, so not sure if it’s official art or just some awesome vandalism. 😉


Random Art: Ice Stations.

Bleah Tauntaun 2_1_15_0001

Here in the metro Atlanta area, an ice storm, or even just half an inch of ice on the road, can paralyze the entire northern half of the state. Northerners laugh, but seriously, our state didn’t have the infrastructure and equipment to deal with this crap, or the sense of time management for it either.

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Random Art: Hey Hey the Tauntaun!

Hey Hey Taun Taun  2_ 25 2015

I’ve been drawing my Tauntaun I call Hey Hey a lot lately. We were supposed to get all this snow, and, well, thankfully, our area got nothing.

		Hey, steady girl.  What's the 
		matter?  You smell something?


Random Art: Dragon Egg!


Thought y’all might get a kick out of this. I found this egg-shaped chalkboard in the Target Easter sale stuff, and decorated it.  😀