Book Review: The Dinosaurs of Waterhouse Hawkins!


Clyde, my little dimetrodon pal, is here to help review a very beautiful children’s book that I spotted at Goodwill. It deals with a subject I was always fascinated about but never could quite remember the names of people involved and so it was always hard to look up.
Waterhouse Hawkins, a nineteenth-century artist, thrilled spectators in his native EnglandĀ  and later New York City with his life-sized models of dinosaurs–the very first.

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Christmas Countdown 2017: Crystal Christmas Tree!

I have always loved these crystal growing science kits. I grew one at my grandparents’ house when I was a kid that I was very proud of. Some of these new small holiday kits feature Christmas Trees and yetis. I haven’t been able to find a yeti one under $5, but this little tree was a dollar at Target. Let’s take a look!20171214_213526.jpg

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Eclipse 2017!!



The Eclipse! Wow! What a day. I had been looking forward to this for weeks; I had a bit of a hard time getting the special glasses, though. I thought I was ordering them in plenty of time, but even a month before, they were selling out FAST. I got mine from a telescope supply company, and dangitall, I had to buy a ten-pack because that was all they had. But I was able to share with friends who couldn’t score any, so that was nice.

Jellybean was ready, too!

Steve and I attended a viewing party at a friend’s workplace—-they brought in food and drinks and the event was on the flat-screen TV’s for us to follow when we weren’t running outside every few minutes.
I should point out that Steve just had cataract surgery on Wednesday.
So he made a box viewer!

Steve is ready to go with his box viewer. It worked perfectly!

Steve got the instructions for his box solar viewer online. Here is a link to NASA’s page on how to make one. You won’t need it for a while, but it’s also good for regular solar viewing.

Isn’t science beautiful??


Slimy Adventures!

I rarely follow any sort of trend. My clothing should tell you that. But, on occasion something neat comes up that is so odd I have to try it. Well, right now all the kids are making slime, trading and selling it at school and making up new recipes all the time. So,I thought I would give it a try, I was so intrigued.


This was my second try. Using the borax recipe, I kept ending up making a gel. It looks and feels really cool but it’s not quite slime.

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