Eclipse 2017!!



The Eclipse! Wow! What a day. I had been looking forward to this for weeks; I had a bit of a hard time getting the special glasses, though. I thought I was ordering them in plenty of time, but even a month before, they were selling out FAST. I got mine from a telescope supply company, and dangitall, I had to buy a ten-pack because that was all they had. But I was able to share with friends who couldn’t score any, so that was nice.

Jellybean was ready, too!

Steve and I attended a viewing party at a friend’s workplace—-they brought in food and drinks and the event was on the flat-screen TV’s for us to follow when we weren’t running outside every few minutes.
I should point out that Steve just had cataract surgery on Wednesday.
So he made a box viewer!

Steve is ready to go with his box viewer. It worked perfectly!

Steve got the instructions for his box solar viewer online. Here is a link to NASA’s page on how to make one. You won’t need it for a while, but it’s also good for regular solar viewing.

Isn’t science beautiful??



Slimy Adventures!

I rarely follow any sort of trend. My clothing should tell you that. But, on occasion something neat comes up that is so odd I have to try it. Well, right now all the kids are making slime, trading and selling it at school and making up new recipes all the time. So,I thought I would give it a try, I was so intrigued.


This was my second try. Using the borax recipe, I kept ending up making a gel. It looks and feels really cool but it’s not quite slime.

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Today’s Infofunnies…


In my case, they always do.
save your hearing
SAVE YOUR HEARING!I truly believe that listening to headphones turned way up when I was a teen made me as deaf as I am today.
humpday may 30
And have a great HumpDay, people!
It’s kinda funny when you look back at the ancestral versions of the food we eat today and see how different it all looked when it was first cultivated.