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save your hearing
SAVE YOUR HEARING!I truly believe that listening to headphones turned way up when I was a teen made me as deaf as I am today.
humpday may 30
And have a great HumpDay, people!
It’s kinda funny when you look back at the ancestral versions of the food we eat today and see how different it all looked when it was first cultivated.

Sea Monsters: The Altamaha-ha of Georgia!

Altie book.jpg


The Altamaha-ha, or Altie, is our very own sea serpent of Georgia! It inhabits the coastal
marshes and twisting channels and even abandoned rice fields near the mouth of the Altamaha River,which empties into the ocean near Brunswick, Georgia.
Consistent sightings of the creature describe it as 30 feet long, with a long neck and flippers, and that swims like a seal,rather than a fish or eel.

Appropriately, the Altie inhabits the waters around Darien, a town founded by
once-natives of Iverness, which  lies on the shores of Loch Ness in Scotland. The
Scots even called their settlement New Inverness before changing the town’s name to
The monster was first sighted in  1981 when a former newspaper publisher named Larry Gwin reported seeing the creature while fishing with a friend.
The natives of the area, the Creek Indians, spoke of giant snakes in the rivers of their territory to early explorers who recorded the legends.

Sightings of the Altamaha-ha continue to this day, with the town of Darien making the most of their shy tourist attraction.

Sea Serpents: Sea Serpent of Gloucester!


This image is drawn from an early engraving depicting the monster with the caption, “Taken from life as appeared in Gloucester Harbour, August 23, 1817”.
First mentioned in 1638, and last seen in 1962, it was about seventy feet long, with big eyes, sharp teeth, and a scaly body. The serpentine beast was said to lurk in the waters off the harbor of Gloucester,located just north of Boston on the lower portion of Cape Ann.
During the summer of 1817, the serpent made its temporary home in the harbor. For almost an entire month, sightings were reported. This is particularly significant as Gloucester has always been a fishing community populated by individuals who were well familiar with the fauna of the sea.
General David Humphreys, a former member of George Washington’s staff, travelled down to Gloucester to interview witnesses. According to the testimony he gathered, the creature’s head, which it held above the water, was “much like the head of a turtle… and larger than the head on any dog.” Its color was like “dark chocolate”, although as the years went on its skin seemed to turn darker, to almost black. In a compilation of sightings printed in the Boston Weekly Messenger it was further reported that the creature was sixty to seventy feet in length, that it was about as wide as a barrel, that it moved rapidly in a serpentine fashion, that it was able to double back upon itself instantaneously. Countless people tried to kill it with muskets and harpoons but failed. Between 1817 and 1819, hundreds of people  reported seeing the monster.