Shark Week 2018: Great Clips Tie-In!

Great Clips hair styling salon has partnered with SHARK WEEK yet again!
For every Great Clips Online Check-In app downloaded during the month of July, Great Clips will donate $1 to Oceana shark conservation efforts (up to $10,000).

Great clips.jpg

The largest international conservation group working solely to protect the world’s oceans. Oceana is teaming up with Discovery to help protect vulnerable hammerhead sharks. These unusual and amazing sharks are one of the species most threatened by the shark fin trade.


Hi, friends! it’s that time of year, that time that makes summer bearable for me, the weeklong toothy extravaganza I look forward to almost like Halloween–SHARK WEEK!

I’ll be posting educational pieces and fun art and cartoons throughout the week. Strap in, we’re gonna have a fun week!


shark on.jpg