Shark Week 2017: Misterjaw!


This was one of my favorite cartoons as a kid, although I didn’t get to see it too terribly much; see, it came on during the Pink Panther and Friends show on NBC–a Pink Panther cartoon would be first, then,randomly, one of the companion cartoons would be aired, such as Misterjaw, The Tijuana Toads, The Inspector, or The Ant and the Aardvark—all great-looking cartoons and very funny.
Misterjaw was brought to life in voice by Arte Johnson. If you watched Laugh-In, you’d remember him as the German soldier with the  catchphrase “Verrrry interesting”. Appropriately, Johnson’s shark alter ego spoke with a German accent and mispronounced words frequently, such as “knucklehead” pronounced as “ka-nucklehead”.

Misterjaw 3.jpg
Misterjaw with Catfish, whom he called “pal-lie” when he felt friendly and “macaroni brain” when Catfish irritated him.

With his sidekick, Catfish (voiced by Arnold Stang) egging him on, Misterjaw liked to leap out of the water and shout “HEEGotcha!” or “Gotcha!” at unsuspecting fishermen or beachgoers who would flee in terror, yelling “SHARK!!” The duo also spent a lot of time chasing a small fish named Harry Halibut. They also seemed to have a strange ability to come on land at will and walk or run around–well, that’s cartoons for ya. 🙂

Misterjaw 4.jpg

Click here to view this episode,”Beach Resort”!



Shark Week 2017: Watching “Shark Exile”.

A huge thanks to my dear sweet husband and my mother-in-law for letting me commandeer the TV and enjoy sharky goodness all week. Last night I was watching “Shark Exile” (about removing problem sharks from beaches in Brazil and the Australian coast instead of killing them) while eating Shark Bites fruit snacks and drawing occasionally, using the colored pencils stored in my shark-covered Vaultz pencil case. 🙂

watchin shark week