Star Wars Creatures: The Rancor!


A rancor is a large reptilian carnivore native to the planet Dathomir.They are about five meters tall,with long arms,horrible claws, armored hides and immense toothy jaws in a pug-nosed face.
Jabba the Hutt kept a rancor in a pit below his palace court, to which he fed any who displeased him.

In Return of the Jedi, the rancor was first tried out as a man in a creature suit, but the results were unsatisfactory. The beast was then made as a rod puppet, and  filmed with a high-speed camera. Then its movements were slowed down to give the illusion of a much larger creature, moving a bit more ponderously.

Monsters of Asia: The Baku of Japan!


The Baku are the eaters of bad dreams. People may pray to them at night so that the Baku may come and suck their nightmares away.
According to legend, the Baku—with the body of a bear, a lion’s paws and ox’s tail, and the trunk of an elephant—was made up of bits that were left over when the gods had finished creating all the other animals.
In Japan, if one wakes up from a nightmare, the words “Baku-san, come eat my dream”, must be repeated three times to bring the Baku. Then the Baku will come into one’s room and devour the bad dream. However, summoning the Baku must be done sparingly, because if he is still hungry after eating one’s nightmare, he may also devour a person’s hopes and desires as well, leaving them to live an empty life.
To this day, it remains common for Japanese children to keep a Baku talisman at their bedside.