Christmas Countdown 2017: The Bumble Lip Pop!

So the other day, as I am inclined to do when faced with lots of inexpensive Christmas novelties, I got some fun Christmas candy:

lip pop 3.jpg

I have tried a Lip Pop before but forgot to take photos. Or if I did I forgot where I saved them.
So here we go.

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Television Monsters: ALF!


Also known as Gordon Shumway, ALF(Alien Life Form) crash-landed his ship in the garage of the Tanner family. He is a native of the planet Melmac. The Tanners hide him from the Alien Task Force, and he becomes a member of the family, although his presence causes them many inconveniences.

Despite the cat-eating tendencies of ALF and his kind, I absolutely LOVED this show. I thought the puppetry and puppet design was stellar and the performances by puppeteer Paul Fusco hilarious. I miss him!


Favorite TV Monsters: Sigmund the Sea Monster!


I could have sworn Sigmund and the Sea Monsters came on during the Krofft Supershow, but research has shown me that we saw this particular Krofft offering on Saturday morning on its own. Either way, I  LOVED this show, especially Sigmund’s brothers, Blurp and Slurp(who I would love to do costumes of with Steve). Often on websites you will see  the two names written “Burp and Slurp”, but if you watch the show, Sigmund’s tan-colored brother with the lower voice is clearly addressed as “Blurp”.

Sigmund’s cute little mouth with one tooth was the inspiration for Mo(my Puppatoons logo character)’s mouth.  😀