Halloween Countdown 2017: Little One-Eyed Dolly from Smeddley!

I gots a present!20170918_171814.jpg

My pal Smeddley and I exchange small gifts on occasion; I send her rubber ducky items, she knits adorable little toys for my Collection of One-Eyed Monsters. I think she simply knits in her spare time and needs a project to complete on occasion and asks me what I would like. This one was a total surprise until she asked me if I liked the ears. I said “sure”, and the next thing I knew, an adorable cyclops dolly arrived in the mail! Thanks, Smedd!!



The Sweet Smell of Halloween…



Just on an exploratory visit, I went into my local Bath & Body Works store. I was not disappointed; they already have the hand sanitizers out!
These little missiles of antibacterial fun, known as “Pocketbacs”, are pocket/purse-sized bottles of hand sanitizer, and they always please at Halloween. The graphics are always fun and adorable, and the goo inside is always a matching, fun (and usually glittery) color. They look more like little secret sci-fi age potion bottles than mere hand san carriers. I am usually not terribly crazy about the strong scents, and even though I try, I just can’t get behind the pumpkin one even though the graphics are my favorite. But I do use them on occasion. I guess you could say I collect them, because I now always get the whole set each year.