Shark Week 2017: Simplified Schedule.


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Sunday, July 23

7 p.m. — “Great White Serial Killer Lives”
Every two years in October a secluded beach on the central California coast has been the scene of great white shark attacks. Is it the same shark returning again and again?

8 p.m. — “Phelps vs. Shark: Great Gold vs. Great White”
Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps races a great white shark.

9:10 p.m. — “Shark-Croc Showdown”
What happens when 14-foot crocodiles move into shark-infested waters?

10 p.m. — “Great Hammerhead Invasion”
Early November, giant hammerheads arrive off Bimini, in the Bahamas. But why?

Monday, July 24

8 p.m. — “Shark Vortex”
Each summer, the Gulf Stream pushes north into the waters of southern New England, bringing with it 30 species of shark.

9 p.m. — “Return To The Isle Of Jaws”
Divers and scientists try to unlock the mysteries of a new great white hot spot, just south of Western Australia.

10 p.m. — “Alien Sharks: Stranger Fins”
A look at sawsharks and goblins — and many more, including ghost sharks, frilled sharks, and the amazing luminescent lantern.

Tuesday, July 25

9 p.m. — “Sharks and the City: LA”
Along the coastline of Los Angeles, great white sharks are increasing and they seem to be hunting out of season.

10 p.m. — “Sharks and the City: New York”
For decades, great white shark numbers were in decline in the waters around New York. But now, seals are back in New York Harbor — can the great whites be far behind?

Wednesday, July 26

9 p.m. — “The Lost Cage”
A team of explorers float in a one-of-a-kind shark cage, 500 miles into the Gulf of Mexico.

10 p.m. — “Devil Sharks”
Across the world, sharks congregate and concentrate around volcanoes and volcanic islands. What is it about volcanoes that make them shark hotspots?

Thursday, July 27

9 p.m. — “Shark Exile”
In Brazil, one researcher has successfully reduced the number of shark encounters by simply catching and moving sharks out to the open sea. What’s his secret? And can this solution work in Australia, where encounters are a problem?

10 p.m. — “Shark Storm”
At various times of the year and in different locations around the world, sharks of many kinds gather, swarm and spiral. What brings them together?

Friday, July 28

9 p.m. — “African Shark Safari”
According to the shark sanctuary in Madagascar, both great whites and tiger sharks are “extinct” in Madagascan waters. So why has a great white shark, tagged in South Africa, traveled 1,500 miles up the African coast to Madagascar?

10 p.m. — “Lair Of The Sawfish”
Experts unravel the mystery behind one of the sea’s strangest creatures, the sawfish, from its evolutionary links to sharks and rays, to its key role in the marine ecosystem.

Saturday, July 29

9 p.m. — “Sharkmania”
A rundown of the greatest moments from Shark Week 2017, featuring the closest calls, biggest bites, greatest gadgets, and viewers’ top picks.

Sunday, July 30

8 p.m. — “Shark School With Michael Phelps”
Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps learns about sharks at Bimini Sharklab in the Bahamas.


Let’s start off Shark Week small, but with a bit of light…specifically, the Dwarf Lantern Shark!


The Dwarf Lantern Shark is the tiniest known species of shark; however, because of its being present only on the upper continental slopes off Colombia and Venezuela, at a depth of 928–1,440 feet, little has been learned about this wee member of the dogfish family. It reaches a length of only eight inches and, like many deep-sea fish, its skin cells contain light-producing photophores that make it glow in the dark to attract prey. When taken out of its deep sea environment, it can be seen as a dark brownish grey with black markings on its back.

Many people continue to think of sharks as man-eating beasts. Sharks are enormously powerful and wild creatures, but you’re more likely to be killed by your kitchen toaster than a shark!  ~Ted Danson, founder of Oceana

Get Ready for Shark Week 2017!





Fasten your dive suit, folks! All this week, WeirdCrest will be doing what I do best–looking for the weird and wonderful, and all during SHARK WEEK.

Here is a list of participating Shark Week businesses….

I will be reviewing the most bizarre sharks in our oceans–some are harmless, some terrifying, and all are out-of-the-ordinary. Are you ready?? SHARK ON!!