Christmas Countdown 2017: My Favorite Things!

I keep hearing the song “My Favorite Things”, performed by various current artists, in with the Christmas songs on the radio. I have never seen The Sound of Music so I don’t understand why. However, I love the song, and I thought up my own version:

My Favorite Things

Silky black kittens and gray rats that scurry
Karloff and Cyclops and yetis so furry
Great golden dragons with eighty foot wings..
These are a few of my favorite things.

Horror conventions where you meet your idols
Dark headless horsemen on stallions unbridled
Long scaly serpents that swim in warm springs…
These are a few of my favorite things.

All kinds of sharks found at all ocean levels
Unicorns,werewolves and wild Jersey devils
Vampires that swoon when the night creatures sing..
These are a few of my favorite things.

When the shark bites
And its teeth sting
When I’m feeling sad…
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don’t feel so bad.




2017 Christmas Countdown: The Search for Chibunkey!

When I was a kid, my grandmother got several catalogs and magazines that truly had big influences on me and my tastes and hobbies. One was the Walter Drake catalog, which, in my opinion, is a shadow of its former self, or perhaps as a kid everything in it held so much wonder for me. Now it just seems like stuff you’d find at WalMart.

But oh, what it held for a ten-year-old back then! See, it was a paper catalog in those days, and in the middle folds of the book were the 88-Cent Pages!!

88 ents.jpg

The above image is from an 80s Walter Drake catalog on ebay. On the glorious 88-Cent Pages, you chose six items from those pages and they were each 88 cents! There were all sorts of little things from miniatures and  craft items to knickknacks small toys. But I will get to that in another post.

One such item from the 88-Cent Pages was my beloved Chibunkey.

I still remember his description: Cute as a chipmunk, furry as a bunny, mischievious as a monkey–that’s Chibunkey!

Grandmother asked me what I would like for Christmas that year and if I wanted anything from the 88-Cent Pages. I marked Chibunkey and some other items that, again, I will get to later.
I flipped over my stocking contents that Christmas. There was Chibunkey, peeping out of the top, just as if he had stepped out of the catalog.

Chibunkey copy.jpg

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Halloween Countdown 2017: The Teal Pumpkin Project Finale!

I try to keep my two websites separate since Puppatoons is the “cleaner” site, but I can show yall some content I made for it and its Facebook Page. Our home is participating in The Teal Pumpkin Project, which is a campaign that aims to make Halloween safer for everyone, including the one in 13 kids who has a food allergy ranging from mild to life-threatening.


Teal P mo.jpg

Teal Mo.jpg

Halloween Countdown 2017: Little One-Eyed Dolly from Smeddley!

I gots a present!20170918_171814.jpg

My pal Smeddley and I exchange small gifts on occasion; I send her rubber ducky items, she knits adorable little toys for my Collection of One-Eyed Monsters. I think she simply knits in her spare time and needs a project to complete on occasion and asks me what I would like. This one was a total surprise until she asked me if I liked the ears. I said “sure”, and the next thing I knew, an adorable cyclops dolly arrived in the mail! Thanks, Smedd!!