Vintage: Strange-Legged Elephant.

This is a drawing I did in high school, probably on my own at home. My parents couldn’t keep me supplied with enough paper and I tended to spill over into pieces of posterboard that were supposed to be for our science projects.
I have no idea what inspired me to create elephants with strange little spindly legs and cloven hooves, but I drew them a lot. This one I just happened to take a lot of care with, trying to get the anatomy right and struggling with shading.


Friends, this is also testimony to creating art on supplies that are acid free. This board used to be white, and over the years it has become a dull beige.

Home Photos: Mantelpiece!


I thought I would give you a peek into our living room—we collect Halloween and other creepy things, so our home is Halloween year-round. The Halloween section appearing in stores is not holiday decor for us; it’s regular home decor!
We have a small collection of beloved Rinconada animals,but they may be moving to another shelf soon. You can see them all along the front of the mantel.
At the far left is a large Jack Sparrow figure–I am normally not a big “action figure” person but Jack fits well with the Pirates of the Caribbean poster that is just out of sight–it has Jack’s skull featured in the center of it. To further the pirate theme, above the mantel is a framed map of Florida showing all the known shipwrecks around its coast. Our Rinconada parrot is at Jack’s feet .
On either side of the map are two new acquisitions from Target!

After Jack is a bottle with a skull cork labelled “Trick or Treat Potion”. It makes a delightful “PORP!” when you pull the cork out. 🙂
Next is a crow that suffers slightly from the new craze of putting glitter on Halloween ornaments. He is looking backward at a ceramic unicorn that is also looking backward. I thought they were a nice pair.There is also a just-added winged horse figure by the Rinconada fox, adding more glitter to the spectacle.

Right after the unicorn is a marvelous pumpkin-headed girl(I love characters with pumpkin heads) given to me recently by a cherished friend from high school.
The large doglike gargoyle in the center of the mantel was found at a flea market for so cheap it was insane. In front of it are two darling little Goodwill-gotten ghost figures with pumpkin heads–did I mention I love characters with pumpkin heads?–and another wee ghost I got recently at a craft fair. This ghost is from the Nippers collection.
On the other side of the gargoyle is a Japanese shisa. I found the lone shisa at a flea market; the other one must have been broken.


Moving on down the mantel, you can see a very dynamic Headless Horseman(another favorite character of mine to collect) statue found at Marshall’s, and another pumpkinhead. The pumpkinhead’s hat wiggles around on a spring atop his head.
Behind him is a small porcelain tray that has been in my family for many years and passed on to me; on it is a fine Chinese dragon.
The green thing at the end is one of my most magnificent Goodwill finds. It seems to be a guardian figure like a foo lion or shisa, but not quite. It has almost an Atec quality to it, heightened by the green paint. On its underside is a written date of 1965.
The blue-footed booby at the very end of the mantel is a Rinconada look-alike and was so adorable it had to come home with me from another Goodwill trip. 🙂

The First Unicorn Description!

First Unicorn.jpg

In the book Indica,which describes India, a Greek historian of the 5th century named Ctesias described many fantastical creatures, such as unicorns, manticores and griffins. Indica only survives today in fragments written by Photius,Patriarch of Constantinople.

Concerning the unicorn,he wrote:

In India, there are wild asses as large as horses, or even larger. Thier body is white, their eyes bluish, and they have a horn on their forehead about a cubit in length. The lower part of the horn is quite white, the middle is black, and the upper part, which terminates in a point, is a very flaming red.

Their faces are also reddish, which is sometimes mentioned in reproductions of this description, sometimes not.

It is thought that since Ctesias never traveled to India, and wrote from the accounts of others, that this description may have been based on an Arabian Oryx seen in profile:
side  Oryx




Dream Diary: The Worried Creature.

DD Worried Job Creature   2_ 27 2015

Instead of listing a dream from the Diary that I wrote about years ago, I’ll tell you about a fresh one! The night before last, I had this dream that I had lost some sort of really important job. My companion/roommate was this thing, and this illustration shows it worrying and carrying on over my losing my job. It had a bluish, tattered shawl that it kept wringing and pulling over its head. I do not know if it was male or female. Had sort of a naked mole rat look, though.