What Day is it? Pet Rock Day!


With Sunday being Pet Rock Day,I have something really special to show y’all.ūüėÉ


I may have shown a pic of this earlier, when I got some boxes of stuff from my Mother’s house.

This is Scooter, one of a bunch of pet rocks I painted one summer at my grandparents’ house, probably in the late 70s or early 80s. He is the only one remaining; I have no idea what happened to the others,but I had a matched couple named Harold and Maude, an orange one called Orang Julius, and a violet-colored one named Rumplestilkin, among many others. All of them followed this general design of having a cute face at one end, and a body covered with flowers, leaves or a geometric design.

Scooter became a constant companion and traveled in my purse to school in a miniature aqua-colored ¬†backpack a friend ¬†gave me that fit him perfectly. I even took him out at night and put him in a doll bed on my bookshelf‚̧. When my parents got divorced, he got hastily packed up in my stuff.

Today, Scooter sits in a place of honor on my desk, holding down important small notes. He is very much worn from years of love, but I know he will outlive me, and whomever takes custody of him next. Who knows how old the rock is from which he is made?



What Day is it? Dog Day!

Tob Harold 8_26_ 2015

This is a pic of me from 1989–more on how I know in a minute. But it’s Dog Day, folks!
I don’t have a dog right now, and it’s just as well; I don’t need anything right now that doesn’t poop in a litter box or a tray and I have to take it outside. But I love dogs, and at this time, my family had three; Trinket(not pictured but she was actually over to the right), my first dog, was an elderly dachshund-poodle mix and clearly the boss of the dogs; Toby(left) a mix of probably German shepherd and maybe collie; and Harold(right), a big, chunky mix of what I guess might have been husky and lab, maybe some collie or something else thrown in. This was back when most mixed-breed dogs were ¬†combinations of shepherds, spaniels, setters and small hounds. I miss those days.

We lived in Stone Mountain here, and my parents were still married. The shirt ¬†I am wearing was airbrushed in Panama City Beach using Tom Petty’s 1989¬†Spin magazine cover as reference. I had just returned from a trip with one of my best high school friends and her family to¬†Panama City Beach and I had gotten that t-shirt done with the last speck of money I had brought on the trip with me!
Ah, those simpler times. I was starting college soon, and my parents’ marriage was about to come to a screeching, burning ruin, although I had no idea at the time. But my dogs got to live on at this house all to ripe old ages. I think Toby was the last to go, well into his teens. Our dogs were all outdoor dogs, but we spent a lot of time outdoors with them, plus they had heated doghouses and had it pretty darned good. In the last years of their lives each dog spent a lot of time inside so we could care for them more suitably.
Harold drove us crazy with his super-loud barking, Toby was an escape artist and Trinket liked bury rocks all over the place, but they were wonderful, funny, sweet dogs.  I miss this little bunch.